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Online Ijazah Course

Online Ijazah Course

An online Ijazah course refers to a program or course offered online that focuses on obtaining an Ijazah, which is an official authorization or certification in the field of Quranic recitation. Ijazah is a traditional Islamic certification that signifies the completion of a specific level of mastery in the recitation of the Quran and the transmission of its teachings.

What is Ijazah?

 Ijazah, in the Islamic context, refers to an official authorization or certification granted by a qualified teacher (Mujaz) to a student who has demonstrated proficiency and mastery in a particular field of Islamic knowledge. The term “ijazah” translates to “permission” or “license.”The Ijazah traditionally signifies that the student has received a direct and unbroken chain of transmission (Sanad) from their teacher, tracing back to the original sources of Islamic knowledge. It serves as a testament to the student’s competence and qualification in a specific area of study.An Ijazah certifies that the student has accurately recited the Quran with proper pronunciation, intonation, and adherence to the rules of Tajweed. The Ijazah in Quranic recitation is typically granted by a qualified teacher who has mastered the various recitation styles (Qira’at) and has received their own Ijazah through a chain of transmission going back to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Ijazah can also be granted in other Islamic sciences such as Hadith (Prophetic traditions), Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Tafsir (Quranic exegesis), and more. It is a means of preserving the authenticity and authority of Islamic knowledge by ensuring that it is transmitted through qualified scholars who have received authorization from their own teachers.Obtaining an Ijazah is seen as a significant accomplishment and a recognition of one’s dedication, knowledge, and adherence to the teachings of Islam. It signifies a level of trust and recognition within the scholarly community and allows the certified individual to teach and transmit the knowledge they have received.

In modern times, Ijazah certifications are often accompanied by written documentation, outlining the student’s achievements and the chain of transmission. However, it is important to note that the true essence of an Ijazah lies in the oral transmission and the direct relationship between the teacher and student.

In this Online Ijazah Course you will have:

An online Ijazah course may vary depending on the institution or platform offering it. The specific components and features of the course will depend on the level of Ijazah being pursued (such as in Quranic recitation, Hadith, or other Islamic sciences) and the curriculum designed by the course provider.
Ijazah in other Qirat.

Curriculum: The course will typically have a structured curriculum that covers the specific subject matter and content for the chosen field of study. The curriculum may include in-depth study of relevant texts, principles, methodologies, and practical application.

Live or recorded classes: The course may be delivered through live virtual classes, where students join online sessions in real-time and interact with the instructor. Alternatively, pre-recorded video lessons may be provided for self-paced learning, allowing students to access the material at their convenience.

Qualified instructors: The course will be led by qualified instructors who have themselves received Ijazah in the subject area and have the knowledge and expertise to guide students in their studies. The instructors will provide instruction, guidance, feedback, and assessments to help students progress in their learning.

Practice and recitation: For Quranic recitation-based Ijazah courses, students will have opportunities to practice their recitation skills. This may involve reciting specific portions of the Quran to the instructor and receiving feedback on pronunciation, Tajweed rules, and overall improvement.

Assessments and evaluations: The course may include assessments and evaluations to gauge the progress and proficiency of the students. This could involve written exams, oral exams, recitation assessments, or other forms of evaluation to ensure that students have grasped the knowledge and skills required for the Ijazah.

It is important to carefully research and choose a reputable institution or platform that offers online Ijazah courses, ensuring that it aligns with your goals, provides qualified instructors, and maintains the authenticity and integrity of the Ijazah certification process.

The following are the other Qirat you can register for yourself to get Ijazah in them as well.

  1. Nafi’ (d. 169/785)
  2. Ibn Kathir (d. 120/737)
  3. Abu ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ala’ (d. 154/762)
  4. Ibn ‘Amir (d. 154/762)
  5. ‘Asim (d. 127/744)
  6. Hamza (d. 156/772)
  7. al-Kisa’i (d. 189/904)

There are 3 Mashhur:

  1. Abu Ja’far (d. 130/747)
  2. Ya’qub (d. 205/820)
  3. Khalaf (d. 229/843)
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Each class duration will be of 30 minutes. If you have a custom plan for classes please let us know! 





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4 Classes/Week = $40/Month

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