There are Five days for performing Hajj.

8 Zilhaj (1st day):

1. Either take a bath or perform ablution.

2. Have intention of hajj.

3. Tawaaf: Take seven rounds of Kaba.

4. Offer two Rakat Nafal.

5. Wear the Haram after Fajar prayer.

6. Offer two Rakat at the place of Ibrahim or where you get place.

7. Drink Aab-e-Zamzam.

8. Venture to Mina before Zuhr.

9. Stay the whole night at Mina.

10. Offer Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha and Fajar with congregation at Mina.

11. Keep reciting Talbiyah frequently.

The first day of hajj is completed.


9 Zilhaj (2nd day):

1. Now you are in Mina. Venture to Arafat after Fajar prayer.

2. Offer Maghrib prayer in Arafat. Stay at Arafat till sunset.

3. Offer Zuhr and Asr in Arafat.

4. Go to Muzdalifa after sunset.

5. Offer Maghrib and Isha together in Isha time.

6. Gather 10 pebbles and stay the whole night in Muzdalifa.

7. Stay at Muzdalifa till dawn.


10th Zilhaj (3rd Day):

1. Venture to Mina a little before dawn.

2. Hit 7 pebbles on Jumrat-ul-Uqba.

3. Cut your hair.

4. Now the restrictions of Ihraam have ended.

5. Go to Masjid-e-Haram.

6. Offer sacrifice.

7. Perform Tawaf.

8. Offer two rakat near Muqam-e-Ibrahim or wherever you get place.

9. Now drink Aab-e-Zamzam.

10. Perform tawaf between Safa and Marwa.

11. Don’t stay in Makkah Mukarma.

12. Go back to Mina.


10 Zilhaj (4th Day):

1. Go to the three Jumrat after Zawaal.

2. Stay in Mina for worship.


11 Zilhaj (5th Day):

1. You are in Mina on this day.

2. Go to three jumrat after zawaal.

3. Throw 7 pebbles at each jumrat.

4. Go to Makkah Mukarma before sunset.

5. Perform the last tawaaf.

6. Depart from Makkah.

Hajj Complete! Congratulation!